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English Civil War Cavalry Trooper's Helmet

An exceptionally good 17th Century Zischagge or lobster-tailed pott, as worn by the Cavalry of the English Civil Wars. This example has an unusually large facetted crown of two-pieces united by a lapped seam with flush rivets, I have no doubt it was intended to be proof against pistol shot. It has a four-lame neck guard, original ear-pieces and typical peak with sliding nasal bar locking by means of a bolt with heart-shaped terminal. The peak bears what appears to be a crowned IR struck mark. The whole retains a period blackened finish and is in excellent condition. Quite simply one of the best zischagge I have seen.

Code: 24862Price: 3250.00 GBP

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George III Naval Octant

A late 18th or very early 19th Century Hadley octant by Spencer, Browning and Rust of London. In ebony, brass and ivory, the brass elements now oxidized. A type of instrument no doubt commonly used by officers of Nelson's Navy

Code: 24861Price: 285.00 GBP

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Rare George III pre-1801 Bone Dice

One of which bears an uncommonly clear red George III red duty tax stamp, the other faint traces of such. Dice were taxed in the UK from 1710 at 5 shillings a pair. This charge was increased to 1 a pair in 1804, until the tax was abolished in 1862. In 1801, pairs of dice were sold in wrappers with tax stamps on them; the dice themselves were stamped with a crown. Prior to that, the dice were marked with the royal cipher. No doubt such were carried by many a soldier.

Code: 24860Price: 75.00 GBP

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Victorian Northumberland Yeomanry Officer's 1821 Pattern Sword / Sabre

Code: 24859Price: 295.00 GBP

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William IV 1821 Pattern Light Cavalry Officer's Sword / Sabre

A pleasing example

Code: 24858Price: 295.00 GBP

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Victorian Royal Scots Piper's Plaid Brooch

Code: 24856Price: 145.00 GBP

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1916 German Mounted Infantry Ersatz Helmet

A well restored example with replacement chin-strap (and potentially replaced cockades) retaining its original liner.

Code: 24857Price: 550.00 GBP

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Boer War - WWI Emergency Ration

A complete un-opened example

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Excellent WWI 1908 Pattern Webbing Belt

An uncommonly good example

Code: 24847Price: 100.00 GBP

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Scarce WWI Bradford Pals Tobacco Box

An example of the boxes presented by the City of Bradford to soldiers and of the 16th (Service) Battalion the West Yorkshire Regiment, the Bradford Pals.

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