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Scarce WWII ARP Battledress-type Blouse

An. unissued example bearing its original label and 1942 inspector's date letter code O

Code: 28791

185.00 GBP

Lee Metford / Long Lee Enfield Type Oil Bottle

Code: 28790

65.00 GBP

1944 Royal Army medical Corps Slouch Hat

An excellent South African-made example retaining its original cap badge and corps backing

Code: 28789

285.00 GBP

Rare 1941 British Army issue Can / Bottle Opener

Code: 28788


1943 US Army Extra Ammunition Bag

An original example of these pouches commonly associated with Paratroops. This example is unissued though requires a repair to the closure strap which has been cut

Code: 22982

45.00 GBP

Robert Kershaw, IIt Never Snows in September/I

The German View of Market-Garden and the Battle of Arnhem September 1944. A highly regarded history

Code: 27979

10.00 GBP

Extremely rare Great War RFC / RAF Aircraft Transmitter

A very fine example of the RFC / RAF (Sterling) Transmitter No 1 as used on British military aircraft primarily for artillery spotting communication. These wireless telegraphy instruments were first used by the RFC during the battle of Neuve Chapelle in March 1915. It comprises a lightweight spark gap transmitter assembled into a gas-tight box, the transmitter and Morse key being totally enclosed to prevent the spark igniting petrol vapour in the cockpit. They were generally mounted on a tray on the side of an aircraft's fuselage.

Code: 28787

2500.00 GBP

18th Century British Army Sergeant's Halberd

Approx 7 feet long. Email to enquire over delivery costs.

Code: 28786

385.00 GBP

Antique Zulu Axe

Code: 28782

150.00 GBP

Rare first variant Mk I Pattern 1888 Bayonet

Code: 28783

185.00 GBP