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Excellent WWII US M3 Fighting Knife

A guard-marked example by Imperial

Code: 28966

375.00 GBP

First Pattern FS Fighting Knife

A recently discovered Fairbairn Sykes knife, never before in a collection. Intriguingly it bears its original owners name on its scabbard.

Code: 28965


1st Battalion Home Guard Flashes

Code: 28964


Extremely rare WWI RFC Issue Flying Helmet

An example of the second variant Warren helmet worn early in the War by Royal Flying Corps aircrew. This example is in excellent condition and bears Ordnance acceptance stamps

Code: 28960

1750.00 GBP

WWI period Triplex Goggles

Code: 28955

75.00 GBP

Rare Pattern 1919 Webbing Mess Tin Pouch

Code: 28956


WWI Mess Tins

Code: 28954


Officer's Sam Browne Map Case

Code: 28952


Rare WWII Royal Navy Gas Mask with identity Disc

Code: 28953

95.00 GBP

Rare 1943 RAF Servicing Commando Knife

Code: 28943

1250.00 GBP