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WWI - WWII Cameronians Glengarry

Code: 28914

100.00 GBP

Vickers Machine Gun Bore Scope

Code: 28915


1917 Artillery Clinometer

Code: 28916

65.00 GBP

The Phantom Major, the Story of David Stirling and the SAS Regiment

An exceptionally rare example signed by David Stirling

Code: 28913

750.00 GBP

Taurus Pursuant, a History of the 11th Armoured Division

Code: 28912


Rare Home Guard Webbing Pouches

Code: 21467


Great War Italian M 1891 Bayonet

Manufactured at Fabbrica D'Armi Di Terni, the scabbard dated 1917

Code: 28911

95.00 GBP

WWII Germa S84/98 Bayonet for the K98

Code: 28910


1918 Vickers Machine Gun Spirit level

Code: 28909

125.00 GBP

Fine WWII Third Pattern FS Fighting Knife

A rather interesting untouched and fresh-to-the-market example of a Second World War third pattern Fairbairn Sykes knife. The grip bears a cast mould mark and struck Ordnance inspectors view mark. The blade is very fine, retains its factory finish and has not been honed. Unusually, the scabbard has a nickel-plated chape and is a pattern encountered with very early second pattern knives. It is however original to this knife (the knurled grips of the second pattern scratch the surface of the scabbard leather, no such damage being present on this example). In all, a superb and idiosyncratic example.

Code: 28908

550.00 GBP