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WWII German Kriegsmarine Duty Uniform

Comprising the trousers, jumper, collar and neckerchief of a Matrosenhauptgefreiter

Code: 28836


Home Guard Slip-on Shoulder Titles

Code: 29108

35.00 GBP

1942 Lincolnshire Regiment Field Service Cap

Code: 29109

55.00 GBP

Rare WWII Tank Crew 'Pixie Suit' Overalls

Near mint, 1945 dated and in a large size suitable for a modern mannequin. I've seen and handled more mint Denison Smocks than I have such overalls

Code: 29107


Rare WWII Civil Defence Instructors' Manual

A large format manual and perhaps the most detailed of its kind

Code: 29101


WWII US Army Wollensak 6 x 30 Binoculars

An excellent cased set

Code: 29102

125.00 GBP


Code: 29103


Rare WWII RAF / Air Ministry Sextant

Code: 29105


Extremely rare 1917 Palliasse or Sleeping Bag

A rare survivor and the only Great War example I have encountered

Code: 29106

225.00 GBP

Rare D-Day Document

"The Mounting of Operation Overlord as it concerned London District, 1943 - 1944". A highly detailed confidential history prepared by HQ London District, November 1944

Code: 29100

175.00 GBP