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Extremely rare Great War German Colonial African Schutztruppe Accoutrements ...

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Code: 29467


Extremely rare 1938 British Army Aluminium Water Bottle

A short-lived and consequently rare pattern

Code: 29468


Rare RAF 1941 Trouser Braces

Code: 29469

95.00 GBP

"A Soldier's Guide to Sicily"

Code: 29463


1918 British Army Bugle

Code: 29464

95.00 GBP

Sten Magazine Loading Tool

Code: 29465

55.00 GBP

Rare 1944 Pattern Tropical Groundsheet / Cape

One of only a few example I'm aware of. In excellent, strong and supple condition. Certainly one of the rarest items of the advanced tropical kit introduced in 1944

Code: 29461


WWI Royal Flying Corps Propellor Tip Fire Screen

Code: 29462

225.00 GBP

WWI - WWII Officer's Cavalry Twill Breeches

Code: 29460

85.00 GBP

Sam Browne Belt

Code: 29459

25.00 GBP